Learning and Education

Sunday School

The number of children in the parish has varied in recent years.  We have a lectionary based curriculum for the three year cycle with lesson plans and activities for each Sunday.  We have also had children’s sermons, and currently have four children serving as acolytes.  The diocese has a strong youth program for our kids to connect with and excellent offerings at Camp Cross, the diocesan church camp, each summer.

Diocesan Youth Ministry

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Camp Cross


The Episcopal Diocese of Spokane is committed to ensuring that its churches, schools, and institutions live out our Baptismal promises by providing an environment free of abuse, exploitation, and harassment. The Diocese of Spokane provides resources to ensure that every person's dignity is respected and protected. 

The Staff and Vestry. Eucharistic Visitors and Sunday School teachers have all taken part in the diocesan Safeguarding curriculum.

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Baptized for Life

Sacred Ground

Wednesday Lectionary

Study Group


Book Groups

Knitting Group

Men's Breakfast Group