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The Church of the Nativity: feeding body, mind, and soul.
Growing in our discipleship to Jesus Christ through worship, study, and service.

The Nativity Covenant

As members of the Episcopal Church of the Nativity we covenant with God and each other to:

  • Faithfully come together to worship God.

  • Encourage ourselves and others to regularly participate in all the church has to offer.

  • Actively use our gifts of time, talent and treasure to support and participate in the work of God in the Church and community.

  • Listen to each other in discernment of God’s gifts for service, and support others in their service.

  • Pray with and for each other, offering care and support in joy and sorrow.

  • Study, explore and incorporate Christ’s teaching in our lives.

  • Welcome, respect and include all people as beloved children of God.  



Senior Warden

Steve Holmes

Vestry Members

Becky Clark, Roberta Coats,

Kevin Gray, Cheryl Johnson,

Dick McMillen

Junior Warden

Aaron Loudenback


John Willows

Clerk of the Vestry 

Cheryl Johnson



Rev. Dr. Kathy Kelly


Susan Pearson

Minister of Music

Dr. Sarah Graham

Parish Administrator

Barb Jones


Thomas Pearson

Office Assistant

Thomas Pearson

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A Brief History of the
Church of the Nativity

We received our name by virtue of the fact that the first Episcopal service held in the Lewiston / Clarkston valley was on Christmas, in 1864. For the next 17 years services were conducted by occasional clergy, and when the Missionary District of Idaho was formed in 1867 Nativity underwent its first diocesan transfer, from the Oregon Territory to Idaho. This transfer back and forth would be a pattern until 1929, when the panhandle of Idaho was transferred to the Missionary District of Spokane. The nave of our present building is the second church building, and was originally downtown. It was moved in 1919 up the hill by large horse teams and the use of a steam winch. In addition a new chancel and transepts were built. Additional California Redwood was imported to finish the lining of the church, giving it its present perfect acoustics. The “nativity window” came around the Horn by ship, and was part of the first church building. the parish hall, named Somerville Hall for the third rector, is actually a separate building, although this is not evident at first glance due to the way the buildings are joined.

Who we are today

We remain the Episcopal Church for not only the Lewiston / Clarkston Valley – the “Banana Belt” of the Northwest, but the parish for much of the surrounding area as well. We are a parish with a rich tradition of liturgical worship and solid outreach, and we enjoy each others company, this parish “plays well together.”  The parish invites all to join us on our walk with God, seeking to learn God’s will, and striving to serve all people in the world – knowing that all are beloved children of God and our brothers and sisters.


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