Worship in the Episcopal Church can seem intimidating to newcomers. We do not expect that those unfamiliar with our customs will somehow already know our ritual. We do want everyone to feel comfortable with their own level of participation. Feel free to allow the congregation carry you in worship.

We print a complete service bulletin that contains all one needs for our service.   The service has several ‘movements’ that make up the whole, much as a symphony has multiple movements. We gather together and open with an acclamation of how great God is, we offer a ‘collect for purity” – a prayer that asks that God purify our hearts and minds that we might enter fully into worship. We sing or say a hymn of praise. The service then moves into lessons, one from the Old Testament, a psalm, a New Testament lesson and a reading from the Gospel. After the sermon we recite the statement of our faith – the Nicene Creed, offer prayers, and confess our sins. The service then moves into the Lord’s Supper, also called the Eucharist, Holy Communion or the Mass. At the end of the service we move out into the world, sent by God to do the work God is giving us to do.

We invite all guests to participate in as much or as little of our service as you are comfortable with.

Worship Services at Nativity:
8:00 and 10:30 am Sunday Service
Nativity’s early service is a ‘said service’ with no music. The Holy Eucharist is always celebrated (unless a priest is not available). This dignified and simple celebration has a strong group of regulars for whom this is their primary worship experience. It is a service in the tradition of Anglican worship whose hallmarks are reverential quiet, and personal devotion.
Our later morning service is a gorgeous blend of music and Prayer Book worship. Hymns are sung and the choir leads us in our devotion, usually an anthem or two is offered.

9 am summertime

During the summer months we combine the two services into one service held at 9 am.  This provides way for members of the congregation who attend at different times to gather as one parish family.  The 9 am service has hymns but no choir.

7:00 am Wednesday Service
A simple and short service of Morning Prayer is held in the chancel.

Monday through Friday at 12:15 we pray the short service of Noonday prayers